Sometimes being Negative is a good thing!


Brittney Dellinger (Admin Assistant/Training Assistant): Assists with membership and general questions.  You will see her at the workouts always with a smile.  She loves to run!

Rodney Dellinger (Training Assistant): Asists with team workouts.  Rodney is a solid contributor that will always lend a hand.  His creative mind is always a good thing for new workouts.

Kris Horner (Consultant): Assigned to look out for the good of the team.  Kris keeps Coach Gerald on the right track for the growth of the team.

Melissa Horner (Training Assistant): Will mostly assist on the Wednesday evening bike ride.  She loves to ride.  You will also see her as one of the early birds assisting at track as well.

Margo Lucero (Marketing/Training Assistant): Stands up for the promotion of the team.  Don't be late with your payment or you will be speaking to Margo.  When she is not doing the coaches dirty work she will often lead a weekend ride of moderate pace.

Barry Mize (Training Assistant): Master of the track.  Loves to see you a good way that is.  He will push you in different ways.  He can also be seen at Arbor Hills weaving through the scenery.

Aimee Pingenot (Training Assistant): Her specialty will be to blend all the novice athletes into the group.  She came into the group totally frightened and scared of what would happen being in the group.  She will aid in this transition.  You have to show up to make it happen.

Bryan Williams (Training Assistant): Most often heckling the group in a good way you will find him at track or leading a weekend ride as well.  He is the marker for the swim.  He is often the one to chase in the water. 


Julie Williams (Admin Assistant): Solid athlete that has also come from ground zero.  Have her share her story.  While her primary duties are membership and general questions, she also will be assisting in the blending of the many beginner level people that come out.