Sometimes being Negative is a good thing!

Aimee and Coach Gerald following her IM Florida 2008 Finish:

"Gerald and I post race. After he ran 20 something miles with me on the marathon! Most AWESOME coach in the WORLD!"


Personal Coaching
$150 - monthly includes plan every week via with detailed information specific to the desired goal
$50 - One time set up fee
All fee changes Effective April 1, 2011

$50/hr - one-on-one training sessions

Triathlon: sprint, olympic, half-iron(3 month commitment); ironman(6 month commitment)

Running: 5k, 10k, half marathon(3 month commitment); marathon(6 month commitment)

Duathlon: (3 month commitment)

Coached Workouts - Effective July 1, 2011
Price: $119/year (Non Refundable)
Personal Coached Clients: $99/year (Non Refundable)

Visitors always welcome - Two complimentary visits but guaranteed you will be hooked after just 1! (NEW:  Drop in fee of $10 after 2 visits)

Coached workouts by Coach Gerald - USAT Certified/Coach Khai - USAT Certified
  • - track (Tue am)
  • - interval group rides (Wed pm)
  • - tempo run (Thu am)
  • - long group rides (Sat or Sun am)
  • - long group runs (Sat or Sun am)
A combination of these workouts will be posted in advance for planning purposes.  Most workouts originate from the Plano area.
  • - Team coolmax shirt

Public Calendar - View the locations of all the workouts.  Details visible upon joining.
Hotline: (469) 574-3719 Call for workout status, posted 1hr prior to workouts

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Provided by Coach Gerald - additional cost to cover the time per clinic ($$ for each TBD)

- Transition clinics
- Tire changing
- Open water swim
- Run clinics

Hotline: (469) 574-3719 Call for workout status, posted 1hr prior to workouts
Twitter: Follow for workout status

Contact Coach Gerald: