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Why Run Analysis?

Do you like to run but can’t deal with the suffering? Unless you have a physiological condition that prohibits running, it should never hurt. It seems we all have taken up running at some point in our lives but many eventually give it up because it seemed our bodies simply couldn’t handle the continued stress. Sadly, something eventually weakens and it becomes too painful to continue that lifestyle.

Almost all running injuries result from improper run form. When we are young, our bodies are resilient enough to recover quickly from the abuse we inflict on ourselves. When we get a little older, our bodies don’t recover as quickly and the repetitive nature of bad run form accumulates to the point where our injuries become debilitating and we must hang up the shoes. Just like with swimming, running fast and without injury requires proper technique. By replacing bad run habits with good form, you not only can resume running but can drastically reduce the risk of injury. Your run speed should also increase dramatically.

I now offer a video run analysis service using special software for slow motion analysis. I observe and measure important data points in order to assess a runner’s technique. The objective of the analysis is to help identify run form flaws and physical imbalances that can cause injuries. Based on my observations, I’ll recommend modifications to the runner’s form as required.

Key data points measured as part of the analysis:

Stride angle
Stride rate (cadence)
Stride length
Forward lean
Arm positioning
Arm movement
Foot strike method
Head movement
Knee alignment
Hip alignment

I will look for technique flaws to include:

Vertical oscillation (bounce)
Pronounced heel strike
Toe lift
Foot flare
Hip drop
Improper timing
Muscular imbalances
Exaggerated movements

I am offering a team discount rate of $100 per analysis and includes up to a one hour private session where I provide recommendations on methods to correct technique issues through run drills and/or strength exercises where applicable. I also focus on ensuring that athletes understand what proper run form involves and how to perceive when they are running efficiently.

If you are interested in getting a run analysis done, please email or call to schedule an appointment.

My goal is to help you run faster without pain.


Coach Khai
USAT Level I Coach


Dr. Ron Tribendis - Elite triathlete, Endurance Corner Coach and multiple Kona qualifier

"Coach Khai’s run video analysis has been a huge benefit not only to my patients but to me personally. He has helped a numerous amount of my patients fix issues with their run gait that where leading to overuse injuries. Personally he has given me some tools that helped increase my efficiency and allow me to train at a higher level. I see his run analysis as a must before starting any kind of multisport training program.

Ron Tribendis D.C. ART 

Paul Illich - Elite runner

"Hey Khai,

You are a genius.....I've been training hard core for over 2 years and have never broken 17:00 flat for 5k...After changing my form based on your suggestions I ran 16:50 on a certified 5k course with no one competitor near me......

thanks again......

Paul "

Raul Cardenas - Multiple Ironman finisher and NSR team member

"After receiving my run analysis from Khai I knew there was a main issue I needed to focus on in order to improve my run efficiency. The issue came from a lack of power firing my left hamstring which caused my left hip to dip, my right arm to swim out, and several other problems. These are all things that I not could have never seen or fully understood without the slow motion video Khai provided. After just a couple of weeks of correcting the problem I was noticing huge improvements and just two months after receiving my analysis I knocked off 10 minutes of my half marathon time from a time of 1:46 to a 1:36 PR. I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to improve any aspect of their run!

Raul Cardenas"