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Sometimes being Negative is a good thing!


I was coached by Rachel during the Negative Split Summer Camp in Ardmore, OK as I was preparing for Escape from Alcatraz and Memphis 70.3   Rachel was a great coach... focused, friendly, and observant of specific ways to help each of the athletes.  Personally, she pointed out a couple of insights that made a big difference in my cycling ability and confidence.  I’m looking forward to working with her again at camp next summer!

- Jacquie Craggett

- NSR Summer Camp 2021

Whether you are able bodied or para athlete, the physical, nutritional and mental aspects of training and competing all blend into one and determines the overall outcome.

Part of the mental aspect of training is trusting the process. Training and learning how to compete in a race safely and injury free is a process. This process is not cookie cutter and depends on each athlete.

Triathlon training and racing can be therapeutic but it doesn’t replace seeing a licensed therapist. So if there are other things going on physically, emotionally and mentally, seeing a therapist in conjunction to training is highly recommended.

Training is a part of your life but it is NOT your life.
Every workout has a purpose. Every race has a purpose. As a coach I want you ready mentally and physically when you get to the start line.

There are no "junk miles" in my coaching plans. This means not going to workouts without knowing how and why this workout will benefit you in the overall outcome. If you can’t answer that question when signing up for workouts or signing up for a race I encourage you to rethink your goals before doing so. Self care is part of the process that is overlooked greatly. This could be as simple as going through a major life change, struggling to establish a daily routine and/or fitting recovery methods into your training plan. It may feel like life coaching vs triathlon coaching for a little bit and it really is. It depends on each athlete though. The foundation to your training plan is having a good self care routine in place at home. Having that foundation at home will provide structure and the life balance you need to reach your goals. This foundation is essential when race season is over to help reduce the adrenaline let down so you’re set up for success in the off season. That’s why hiring a coach is so important. As your coach I will guide you and write a training plan with all these factors in mind.

Please contact me so we can discuss the best way for you to reach your goals. 


Phone: 469-346-6392


  • USA Triathlon Level I Coach

  • USA Paratriathlon Level I Coach

  • NASM CPT (Pending)

Personal Athletic Highlights:

7yr-Coach, Coordinator, Participant - NSR Summer Camp

2yr-Coach, Coordinator, Participant - NSR Hawaii Camp

1-time-Journey Paratriathlete Camp -Asst Coach

1-time-TTT Paratriathlete/Tri Lubbock Camp - Asst Coach

1-time-TTT Triathlete Arkansas Camp - Asst Coach

10+ Sprint/Olympic Triathlons over time

Favorite Quote:

"Courage is highly contagious, and bravery to do a Hard Thing in one aspect of your life, quickly spreads to all of your life."

~ Ann Voskam

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