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Quality vs Quantity

We often want more training than we have going into a race.  This was true going into Galveston for me.  I was more consistent with my swim compared to most recent seasons.   Bike was lacking in volume but when on the trainer, all I did was climb.  Best strength and mental toughness gains in even a short 30 minute session.   For the run, every run was quality.  No how much you do but what you do when you do it.   In most cases something is better than nothing.  I am reminded that my consistency is paying off.   I reviewed with my coach post race and we were pleased.   Oh yes, I do have a coach.

After several races together, I am happy to say I picked this person because they know me and how the balance in my life works.  I picked this person for the accountability of having a coach.  We continue to grow.   So when you pick a coach, think about these things.   Thank you Coach Rachel Jackosn(Negative Split Racing) for your guidance in my journey.  Oh but wait, Coach Rachel has never done an Ironman.  Correct, however everyone think of things you have not done but have a wealth of knowledge.   So regardless of your feelings or thoughts on the matter just move forward with me and my coach.  At the end of the day I am the only one that has to believe in my coach and I do.

Big Star 5k/Half Marathon on the horizon Apr 13 with many team members participating as well.

Next up is TexasMan on May 5.  Calling all volunteers.  If  you are not racing and would like to help, please contact/text Dawn:214-986-6535

Team store is still open until Apr 10 if you like the kit I was racing in.


Warm up 10 minutes Easy walk/run

** Last lap side step arms overhead on curve/other side on last curve


- 10 walking on heels

- 10 walking on toes

- 10 leg swings forward/backward rt leg/lt leg

- 10 leg swings side/side rt/leg/lt leg

- 10 scoops each leg

- A-Skip - optional

- B-Skip - optional

500 - easy first 100/400 pickup

400 - TP-> RP

Repeat 4-6 times - Rest for all 60-90 seconds

10min Cool down

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